Official Fan Site

Our title photo incorporates a four stem lighting unit that is controlled independently of the fan.  This fixture was the pleasing view from our bed during a stay in Gdansk, Poland in May 2008

The Wahl XZX-217 9” Desk & Wall Mounted Fan (pictured above) with variable tilt adjustment.  It has two speeds and a fixed oscillating setting and 90deg variable setting.



The StirFlow 18” floor-standing fan.  3-speeds. Tilt head.

We would love you to share your fan pictures. Please send them to us with as much detail about them as you can.

The coolest place on the Internet

Over the years we have trawled the Internet for fan sites and, as any Google search will show you, there are literally thousands.  Non of them though, deliver the kind of content that we were looking for.  I’m sure you’ll agree.


This then is the official Official Fan Site.  A web site that does what it says on the tin (or, in fact, on the domain name).  We aim to bring you diverse images of fans whether local to us or from around the world.